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Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader
Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Reader

Fivestars Loyalty
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Turn every transaction into a relationship. Can be used as a stand-alone credit card reader, or integrates with most windows POS.

Included in Box:

- Pay 1.5 system with Dip, Swipe & NFC module
- Ethernet dongle + 25 ft cable (optional)
- User’s Guide, Fivestars window sticker
- Power supply

Payments + Marketing + Customer Loyalty

Fivestars Pay is merchant services reimagined. Every swipe from our credit card reader creates more repeat customers. It also allows for payment processing and a rewards program similar to what you find at big retail chains—without their big prices.


How It Works


Design Your Custom Rewards Program

Work with a Fivestars Account Manager who knows the best practices of rewards programs at Starbucks, Sephora, and other Fortune 500s. We’ll help you design a rewards program that builds your brand, brings customers back, and gets them to spend more every time they visit.


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Delight Your Customers with Our Touchscreen

You’ll get a convenient credit card reader for your customers to sign up for rewards with their phone number as they pay and see their points at checkout. 

Empower Your Cashiers

Your cashiers will get a tablet that they can use to greet customers by name, give out points and rewards, and take notes.


Leverage Your Customer Database & Dashboard

You’ll build a list of thousands of customers that you can use to get customers back in the door. You can see your VIPs, regulars, and lapsed customers and turn on advanced features like automated text messages and promotions to get them back.

Send Announcements

Segment your customers and send out email announcements to turn a slow day into a busy one with only a few clicks.


Why Combine Loyalty & Payments

Increase Visit Frequency

Rewards programs work. As customers get closer to rewards, they’ll come in more frequently.

Increase Spend

On average, Fivestars customers spend 20 percent more than non-Fivestars customers. Rewarding spend increases average ticket and profit.

Win Back Customers

As you build a database of customers, promotions triple the rate that customers come back.



Next Steps

Once you purchase your reward + payments program:

We’ll give you a quick call to introduce you to your account manager and setup your terminal for shipment.

Once you receive your terminal, your account manager will help you set up your rewards program and then, you’re all set. Watch customers come back faster and spend more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Fivestars cost?

A: $69 per month, no contract, cancel anytime.


Q: How much is the payment processing?

A: Our standard rate is 2.6% + $0.10, but we price match! Give us a call to get a custom quote for your business.


Q: What businesses does this product work for?

A: Our terminal is made for countertops! It does best for businesses that have wifi and do pay-at-counter.


Q: Are there any other costs?

A: There are no other costs for the basic rewards program. If you’d like to upgrade and take advantage of powerful new features like payments or automated and discretionary promotions sent via text, email, and push, give us a call.


Q: How long should it take for me to receive my terminal?

A: You should receive it in 3-4 business days.


Q: How does cancellation work?

A: We’re confident that our product will help your business, but you may cancel at anytime, just give us a call at 916-288-4298


Q: How much value does Fivestars bring my business?

A: On average, our merchants who use our advanced features see customer return visits double from shoppers who join the Fivestars rewards program. Most importantly, Fivestars members (your customers) love earning rewards and will come back and spend more at your store!