Mobile Reader + $0 Payment Processing

Mobile Reader + $0 Payment Processing

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Sleek, LTE-enabled, and $0 Payment Processing.

Sick of paying credit card fees? Start taking payments with Fivestars and stop paying credit card fees. Whether you process $5K/month or $500K/month, you pay nothing - fees won't grow as your business does.

Key Features:

  • - $0 Payment Processing
  • - Built-in Receipt Printer
  • - Unlimited LTE & WiFi connection
  • - Professional exterior
  • - 10 hour battery life

Product Specs:

  • - Powered by Android 7.1
  • - Cortex A7 processor
  • - 5" capacitive touch screen
  • - 4G + WiFi + GPS
  • - 5250mAh capacity battery
  • - NFC contactless
  • - PIN on glass
  • - PCI PTS 5.x SRED


Get Set-up on Fivestars Merchant Services
A Fivestars Account Manager will reach out to you immediately after purchase to ensure your device is expedited and your account is set-up. We guarantee a low rate on processing so you can spend less time worrying about processing, and more time growing your business!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much does Fivestars cost?
A: $249 to buy the device outright, but we also have a monthly payment option! To learn more about our monthly pricing please call (916) 288-4298

Q: How much is the payment processing?
A:  Give us a call to get a custom quote for your business. We will beat any rate you are currently paying or can walk you through our new plan where you pay $0 in processing fees.

Q: Do I have to use Fivestars merchant services?
A: Yes. We offer to beat any existing contract rates to ensure that switching processors is quick, easy, and saves you money.

Q: Are there any other costs?
A: There are no other costs for the terminal! If you’d like to upgrade and take advantage of powerful new features like payments or automated and discretionary promotions sent via text, email, and push, give us a call.

Q: How long should it take for me to receive my terminal?
A: You should receive it in 3-4 business days.